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Fostering Sustainable Development

At Operation Smile Australia we do so much more than just operations - our goal is to give our local partners the tools and training that they need to treat children on their own each and every day.

Our philosophy is simple. Change children's lives forever through a simple operation. However, at Operation Smile we do so much more than just operations – our goal is to give our local partners the tools and training that they need to treat children on their own each and every day.


If Operation Smile was forced to close it doors today, thousands of children a year in the developing world, would continue to receive free life changing surgery from Operation Smile physicians.

How is this possible? Sustainable Development.

In each country where Operation Smile operates we invest in the creation of an Operation Smile foundation. That foundation recruits local medical volunteers, trains physicians, and raises funds and awareness for children suffering from facial deformities.

These Operation Smile Foundations empower local physicians to provide free treatment to children year round. Through local projects, weekend clinics, and Care Centers local Operation Smile foundations provide free facial surgery to thousands of patients a year.


Through Operation Smile educational initiatives, Operation Smile's partner countries are given the skills to treat children on their own, with their own resources, their own volunteers, their own supplies and their own medical professionals.

Operation Smile tailors educational programs for each partner country's specific medical infrastructure. Whether it is basic life support training for Cambodian Nurses, a Micro Surgery exchange in Vietnam or a Speech Therapy Workshop in Thailand, Operation Smile educational initiatives are providing skills and training to hundreds of nurses and physicians each year.

Medical Integrity

Operation Smile demands the highest standard of care for every child every time.

Medical Credentialing: Every one of Operation Smile's nearly 6,000 worldwide volunteers undergo a strict credentialing period. Surgeons must prove a wealth of surgical experience. Anesthetists and nurses must be certified in advance life support training.

Global Standards of Care: In November 2007, as part of the Global Standard of Care Initiative, each Operation Smile partner foundation was supplied with the highest quality medical equipment needed to perform operations. This donation, along with the continued medical educational programs, has ensured that every child and patient receives the highest standard of care every time.

Post Operative and Comprehensive Care: Correcting cleft lip and palate facial deformities goes much further then just the operation and Operation Smile ensures that patients receive the follow up and additional care that they need. Each Operation Smile patient is seen by Speech Therapist and Dentist and many receive psychological counseling. Every patient who is operated on by an Operation Smile physician is scheduled to be reevaluated 1 week, 6 months, and 1 year following the operation. We track our results and invest in the long term health care of every child.

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Operation Smile Australia relies on the generosity of its supporters to change lives, one smile at a time.

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